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Renee Zambo

Renee Zambo is a 800hr Yoga Instructor & Certified Yoga Therapist who began practicing yoga from a book when she was sixteen as a way to reduce stress in high school. Her practice deepened in 2005 when she moved to Chicago and practiced Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga throughout the city. Five years later, Renee started teaching and fell in love with meeting people from various backgrounds and with different health challenges.

Her desire was always to make yoga accessible and beneficial to everyone in their own way, which sparked her training with Integrative Yoga Therapy in 2013. With IYT, Renee learned more about specific injuries, health conditions, and the wide range of yoga techniques to promote healing beyond the physical body. Yoga Therapy taught Renee how all aspects of yoga – lifestyle, breathing techniques, postures, and meditations, enhance awareness and create a sense of wholeness.

With this in mind, Renee conducts private yoga therapy sessions that integrate the whole person – physical, emotional, and mental. She integrates stress reduction and the appropriate yoga therapy tools to support your individual needs and goals. Renee encourages her students to trust their own intuition, and provides education to support each person’s unique journey toward healing and wholeness.